Niko-Niko practice during COVID-19 Pandemic

Image Credit: Internet
  • Business needs shifting by the hour
  • Close to 2000 people who have never experienced remote working has to start working from home at the earliest
  • Extremely short windows for decision making and execution
  • Decentralized problem solving & execution [Self-Organization within the boundaries]
  • Collaborations with various groups — Right from transport team to deliver RWS set up to the door-step
  • Flexible work patterns
  • Leveraging the best of local capabilities
  • Two-week iterations with a fortnight planning to a Daily iteration with Daily planning
  • Committing a goal for two weeks to need of the hour commitment (Pull based work)
  • Fortnight Retrospective to a Daily check-in

Niko-Niko Calendar

Daily business update calls were set up at the beginning of the day for any official updates. It served its purpose. For more than a week, this call was filled with problem-solving.



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