“Scrum” in IT Services team

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Definition of Scrum

Complex domain:

Cynefin framework

Nurture culture through values

Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment

Impact — Sum of all variables that create business results

Outcome — A change in human behavior that drives business results

Output — Increments of delivery that generate outcomes


1. The accountabilities of Product Owner, Development Team(s) and Scrum Master are identified and enacted?

Scrum Team

Product Owner — Leader of the function

Development team — Team

Scrum Master — Scrum Master


Scrum Events & Artifacts

2. Work is organized in consecutive Sprints of 4 weeks or less?

3. There is an ordered Product Backlog?

4. There is a Sprint Backlog with a visualization of remaining work for the Sprint?

5. At Sprint Planning a forecast, Sprint Backlog and a Sprint Goal are created?

6. The result of the Daily Scrum is work being re-planned for the next day?

7. No later than by the end of the Sprint a Done Increment is created?

8. Stakeholders offer feedback as a result from inspecting the Increment at the Sprint Review?


9. Product Backlog is updated as a result of Sprint Review?

10. Product Owner, Development Team(s) and Scrum Master align on the work process for their next Sprint at the Sprint Retrospective?


Improvements are based on small changes, not only on major paradigm shifts.

Individuals’ ideas are considered valuable.

Incremental improvements are implemented rather than big bang improvements

Individuals take ownership and are involved in the improvement

Improvement is reflective and potentially repeatable



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